Hadrian Men's Oxford Suede Lace Up

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Who was Hadrian?

Hadrian is known for building Hadrian's WallHe also rebuilt the Pantheon, constructed the Temple of Venus and Roma, and may have rebuilt the Serapeum of Alexandria. An ardent admirer of Greece, he sought to make Athens the cultural capital of the Empire.

This derby is well suited for men with high insteps or prefer a more forgiving fit. The clean toe and whisky color make it very versatile. A good shoe you can build a wardrobe around.

Your feet will thank you.

Pastori flex soles are 100% leather. They are the perfect thickness to provide enough support but still allow the shoe to be flexible enough to bend easily.

The Pastori inner sock is made from a hi-tech foam that provides the perfect amount of softness and cushioning to complement the flexible uppers and soles. Stop suffering through stiff dress shoes and give your feet the gift of freedom.

Made In Italy