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Oxidized Singularity Pendant w/ box chain

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The Dark Chocolate collection is designed with oxidized sterling silver and 22k gold and platinum. The first step is to get the sterling silver almost melted to a liquid and then adding the 22k gold or platinum to the surface. Gold and platinum have a higher melting temperature than silver, so they do not melt when mixed with hot sterling. The gold & platinum sink into the sterling and fuse together once it cools down. Then the piece is texturized and gemstones are added. Finally, the piece is oxidized to turn the sterling silver black. Oxidizing is completely safe and uses the same process as a natural patina forming on polished silver, except executed intentionally. These processes result in the striking mixed metal pieces in our Dark Chocolate collection.
About Jason McLeod Jewelry

A studio goldsmith working in 14K and 18K gold, sterling silver, platinum, and high-quality gemstones, Jason McLeod specializes in one-of-a-kind custom jewelry within limited edition collections. Living and working in Charlottesville, Virginia, his work has been featured nationally, both in print and online.