Olliver Grey

Italian Denim Floral

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The story of Olliver Grey begins in the town of Biella, where the finest mills in the world lie at the foot of the Italian Alps. 

To be an Olliver Grey man:

  • You are confident
  • You are a pioneer
  • You have an indomitable spirit
  • You are innovative and free-minded.

Denim woven sport shirt made with Italian Canclini cotton with crows feet stitch buttons.  One piece collar construction for a natural flow with or without a sport coat.

  • Made In Italy
  • 100% Cotton
  • One-piece collar construction
  • Item # W2486
  • Blue base color

Size scale:

*  38=15/S  *  39=15.5/M  *  41=16/L  *  42=16.5/L  *  43=17/XL  *  44=17.5/XL  *